PerfectPacing.com was founded by Emmett Dunleavy and provides a personalised coaching service for distance runners.

The goal of PerfectPacing.com is to help runners of all abilities fulfill their potential and achieve their athletic goals.

The 100% individualised coaching plans are based on the scientific principles of endurance research and modeled on the training methodologies of the top athletes in the world. By adopting the training principles of the best in the business, athletes at every level can improve their own personal performance.

Having lived, trained and spent time with some of the best athletes of the distance running world, the experiences and knowledge acquired led to PerfectPacing.com. From Teddington London, training with the likes of Mo Farah, to Iten Kenya and running with the gifted East Africans.

After 20 years in the sport, it is clear that there is a significant disparity between the training methods of the elite, and that of the rest. Many athletes follow generic training plans that vary little from month to month, or year to year. There’s no progression and no adaptation…  yet improving results are expected when input remains the same.

PerfectPacing.com provides the training solutions to overcome the stagnation in performance suffered by so many runners.


As for my own running background, I’ve raced competitively since the age of 11. Starting with Community Games and schools competition before moving on to compete for Sligo AC. Representing Sligo AC I’ve won 5 National senior track medals, in addition to the National Novice and National Intermediate cross country titles.  In later years I’ve also been lucky enough to represent Ireland on a number of occasions. Personal best times are detailed below.

In recent times, I’ve started helping with the training of friends and club-mates. This passion for sharing running knowledge will be expanded further through PerfectPacing.com

800m  1:53 /1500m 3:47 /3,000m 8:16 /Steeplechase 9:01 /5,000m 14:35 /10km 31:03