Perfect Pacing

1-2-1 Personal Coaching

Founded in 2014, PerfectPacing’s mission is to make every athlete we work with run faster. From 1500m, to 10k to the marathon, success and satisfaction at all running level sare determined by finishing position and the stopwatch. Our goal is to improve both.

The training principles used are based on a combination of evidence-based science in physiology and the art of well-established training techniques, used by the best coaches and athletes in the world.

The process

  1. Obtain the running background of the athlete. PBs, typical training week, injury history etc
  2. Assess current fitness and training paces through recent race performance and physiology testing
  3. Devise a training plan (approx. 3 months) periodised towards a target event or season
  4. Weekly feedback from both coach and athlete.
  5. Schedule amendments if required
  6. Review after 3 months establishing new goals in both training and racing
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The bad news

Unfortunately, our 1-2-1 offering is at capacity right now.

The good news

If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please complete form below and will be in touch when a space becomes available.

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“Emmett’s steady, sensible and scientific approach to coaching has been the key influence in helping me progress from a first-time runner to a 2:37 marathoner. In the seven years I have worked with him, I honestly cannot think of an occasion where he has given me bad advice. Long may our successful partnership continue”
Trevor Cummins
“I have been working with Emmett since 2014 and have achieved many PB’s during that time across all distances ranging from 5k to the marathon. The reason our coaching relationship has worked so well and lasted so long is due to Emmett’s ability to keep things fresh, creating a personalised plan to support my running goals. During the 8 years with Emmett, I’ve never sustained an injury which is a testament to training regime. Emmett supported and kept me running during my pregnancy in 2017 and more importantly ensured the comeback postpartum was done in a controlled and safe manner which proved hugely successful in my running performances during 2019”
Fionnuala o’Connell
Sligo AC
“I have been with Emmett for the past 5 years. Not only has he helped me achieve pbs in all distances he has educated me on training, recovery mentality”
Shane Reid