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Starting on July 1st - 4 months of guided preparation
to get you to the start line in the best shape possible

The No Stone Unturned Marathon package is a comprehensive preparation programme for the Dublin or Frankfurt marathon on October 27th. Other autumn marathons including Berlin, Chicago, Amsterdam and New York can be accommodated. Please contact us for further information on your particular race.

Starting on July 1st, we will deliver 4 months of guided preparation to get you to the start line in the best shape possible. At a cost of €300 for the entire programme which works out at less than €18 per week.

For the most customised and comprehensive plan online. 

Marathon App

Conveniently delivered via the Final Surge app

The programme is delivered through the Final Surge App. Every day of training, every strength session and all nutritional advice are contained on the easy-to-use App.

The App also contains a library of useful videos and articles on all aspects of training and marathon preparation.

What you get

Total Investment

in your marathon

Preparation only


This works out at less than €18 per week for a customised and comprehensive training package

It’s easy with us



Strength Training


Emmett Dunleavy Running Coach

Emmett Dunleavy

The running schedules are developed by Perfectpacing coach, Emmett Dunleavy. Emmett has coached hundreds of runners since establishing Perfectpacing in 2014.

He is an Athletics Ireland Level 2 qualified endurance coach with experience coaching and managing Irish teams at international level.

He currently coaches a wide variety of athletes and groups, from recreational to professional.

Some of his current roles include endurance coach with UCD AC, Belpark Triathlon and Kilcoole AC

Colin Griffin

Colin Griffin B.A. MSc is one of Ireland’s leading Strength & Conditioning coaches and a former international athlete. Colin competed in the 50km walk at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.

He is an IAAF Level 4 certified endurance coach, coach education tutor with Athletics Ireland and an accredited professional member of the Sport Ireland Institute in High Performance Sport Strength and Conditioning and is accredited with the UK Strength and Conditioning Association.

He works as a Strength & Conditioning coach at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin where he is Lead Clinician for Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation. Colin has a Master’s Degree in Coaching and Exercise Science from UCD and  is currently completing a PhD in Achilles rehab and lower limb biomechanics.

Evan Lynch

Evan Lynch is a performance nutritionist with a BSc in Food Science and Health, a PGDip in Dietetics and an MSc in Sports Nutrition. Evan works as a nutritionist with athletes at all levels, from recreational runners to professionals. 

He is currently a performance nutritionist to many of Ireland’s leading endurance athletes. Evan was an Irish international in track & field, which has drawn him towards sports, and encouraged his fascination with science, particularly physiology and how it can be changed and altered with nutrition.

His experience as an athlete allows him to understand on a personal and professional level how an athlete is feeling, which is an invaluable tool.


The programme covers everyone from those running well under 3 hours, to those aiming for 5 hours plus. We also have a “get me around plan” for those simply wanting to complete the course.

Sub 2.45/ 3.00 / 3.15 / 3.30 / 3.45 / 4.00 / 4.30 / 5.00 / “Get me around programme”

You must be 18 years of age or older and already at a reasonable level of running fitness to begin the programme.


Please note: If you are targeting a different autumn marathon, get in touch to see if the No Stone Unturned programme may be suitable.

No. This plan does not include race entry to the parathion or any preparation races. You must have an entry to the Dublin marathon. Please note this race is currently sold out.

After signing up, a guide and pace chart are provided to help you select the most suitable plan, based on current fitness. It is best to complete a race of some description in the weeks before starting the programme. Doing a local 5k, 10k or Parkrun will help you gauge current fitness and pinpoint the most appropriate plan. You can always move within plans after the programme starts if fitness changes.

The entire programme, delivered by some of Irelands best practitioners in this area, costs less than €18 per week.
The cost of the Final Surge App is included. Apart from your own training kit, there are no further costs directly related to the programme.
Entry fee to each preparation race, or the marathon itself (currently sold-out) are not included.
The total price is €300 payable in advance.

It depends on your marathon target time. See below for a rough guide.

– Completion within 3 hours: ~ 6 days of training per week

– Completion within 4 hours: ~5 days of training per week

– Completion within 5 hours: ~4 days of training per week

The target event for this programme is the Dublin city marathon on October 27th. Please note this event is currently sold out. Alternatively, the Frankfurt marathon takes place the same day and could serve as a substitute marathon. If you are targeting a different Autumn marathon, please contact us directly and the No Stone Unturned programme can be altered accordingly.

A smartphone to download and receive all the training via our Final Surge App and
A GPS watch is essential. All the training is guided by pace.
A chest heart rate strap is useful for those wishing to guide the training by heart rate. Heart rate training is covered in our series of weekly coaching calls.
The usual training gear and a pair of suitable training shoes. (Carbon shoes are not essential but we will cover this topic in one of the weekly calls).

The first port of call when injury occurs is to visit your physiotherapist or doctor. They are best placed to diagnose the problem and provide appropriate advice. On the training front, we have a cross training guide to help you maintain fitness (through non-impact exercises) during the injury period. There is a guided return to the plan for those that are out for two weeks or more. Please note that the programme is non-refundable for anyone unfortunate enough to pick up an injury that prevents them completing the programme and or running the race.

While this programme does not include individual feedback, there are weekly coaching calls to address the main questions from the group.

The plan covers both minutes per km and minutes per mile. The majority of training sessions are based in time rather than distance. Although the long runs later in the plan are also guided by distance.

There are 4 races in each plan
1 – 10k on July 14th – to coincide with the Dublin race series event in Fingal
2 – 10 Mile on Aug 17th/18th – Coinciding with Frank Duffy 10 and St Coca’s 10 Mile ( Kildare)
3 – Half Marathon on Sept 21st / 22nd – Coincide with Dublin HM, Belfast HM, Athlone HM or any alternative event HM
4 – Marathon on October 27th – Dublin City Marathon, Frankfurt Marathon or alternative marathon ( get in touch for details) 

Please note that you will need to enter these events separately. It is recommended that you do so as soon as possible.
Many of the events will sell out in advance

5 steps
to get you started


Sign up for the programme

Click the link to sign-up and purchase the No Stone Unturned Programme


Welcome email & choose your plan

After sign-up, each participant receives an automatic email. This contains a health questionnaire, and a guide on how to select the most appropriate plan


Set-up on Final Surge

After completing the questionnaire, each participant will receive an invite to the programme on Final Surge. Use this to download the app set-up your Final Surge account. There is no need to set-up the Final Surge App in advance


Prepare to Train
After completing the sign-up, we provide some guidance on how to get ready for the start date in July including a heart rate test to calibrate heart rate zones in advance.


Programme starts on July 1st

Our first coaching call takes place on June 30th and the plan kicks off on July 1st 

Get Signed Up

Start your customised plan !!


“Emmett’s steady, sensible and scientific approach to coaching has been the key influence in helping me progress from a first-time runner to a 2:37 marathoner. In the seven years I have worked with him, I honestly cannot think of an occasion where he has given me bad advice. Long may our successful partnership continue”
Trevor Cummins
“I have been working with Emmett since 2014 and have achieved many PB’s during that time across all distances ranging from 5k to the marathon. The reason our coaching relationship has worked so well and lasted so long is due to Emmett’s ability to keep things fresh, creating a personalised plan to support my running goals. During the 8 years with Emmett, I’ve never sustained an injury which is a testament to training regime. Emmett supported and kept me running during my pregnancy in 2017 and more importantly ensured the comeback postpartum was done in a controlled and safe manner which proved hugely successful in my running performances during 2019”
Fionnuala o’Connell
Sligo AC
“I have been with Emmett for the past 5 years. Not only has he helped me achieve pbs in all distances he has educated me on training, recovery mentality”
Shane Reid