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Founded in 2014, Perfect Pacing’s mission is to make every athlete we work with run faster. From 1500m, to 10k to the marathon, success and satisfaction at all running levels are determined by finishing position and the stopwatch. Our goal is to improve both.

The training principles used are based on a combination of evidence-based physiology and the art of well-established training techniques, used by the best coaches and athletes in the world. 

Running Coach

My name is Emmett Dunleavy, and I am the coach behind Perfectpacing. I’ve been immersed in the world of athletics since the age of 10.

Beginning with community games, graduating through the juvenile ranks, and eventually competing at senior level for 20 years.

Since 2014, I have run Perfect Pacing, a coaching business based in Ireland. My other coaching roles include head coach of UCD AC, Kilcoole AC, Belpark TC and personal coach to many Irish international athletes.

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Coaching Achievements

In recent years, athletes I coach have

Current Roles

My coaching philosophy

The “No Stone Unturned” marathon plan is delivered via the Final Surge App. The training programme targets the Dublin marathon in October.

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A fully personalised training schedule. This includes weekly feedback and ongoing assistance, not just with training but also with race

Physiological testing is the perfect way to establish a complete picture of an athletes overall conditioning and fitness. It establishes individual training zones.


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