Perfect Pacing

Lactate Testing

traditional lactate profile “step-test”

What’s involved?

The test consists of five repeats of 5 to 6 minutes duration, at increasing paces or “steps”. The test takes place on a treadmill or a running track. We prefer to use a track, by performing intervals outdoors, test results are more relevant to training and racing environments.

1 and 2
Generally, very easy with an intensity similar to a normal easy/ recovery run
The difficulty begins to increase, and this effort correlates with marathon pace
Moderately hard and correlates with 1 hour race pace
Close to maximum effort and many athletes will get down to 5k pace on this final step

Scientific approach

Between each stage there is a short break where we record pace, heart rate and take a blood lactate sample from the fingertip or ear lobe.

Using the highly innovative Ergonizer software, a comprehensive report is prepared. The results are then used by PerfectPacing to develop and provide the athlete with a full report on their lactate test and advice on their training programme.

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