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What’s INSCYD ?

INSCYD is an advanced tool to analyse and plan endurance performance in athletes.
INSCYD is holistic, enabling innovative performance diagnostics to create a very detailed analysis of the physiology of an athlete
and therefore the creation of highly individual and laser focused training programs. INSCYD generates metrics such as VLa max,
V02 max and an array of individual training zones.

Key Outputs include

INSCYD Break your Marathon PR - science based pacing & fuelling as the key to new best running times

To use INSCYD, there are
two testing options

In-person Testing

Meet with the coach for a track test (weather permitting) or lab test. As with the standard test, our preference
 is for an outdoor test on a track, which is a more familiar environment for runners.

This test consists of 4 stages of varying duration and intensity. Lactate samples are taken every 2 minutes until the readings begin to drop. See a graphic of the test.

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At home, remote testing using the PPD Run Protocol

With the Running Power-Performance Decoder, INSCYD enables runners and coaches to perform remote performance testing with lab level accuracy. This virtual human performance lab gives you a wealth of data independent of location.
There is no need to meet the coach or go to a lab.

Athlete completes a test protocol of 4 intervals using just a GPS watch
Athlete sends the GPS files to the coach
Coach analyses the data using INSCYD
Coach schedules a Zoom call to discuss and create actionable goals

By performing the intervals outdoors, test results are more relevant to training and racing environments

What does the athlete receive?

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INSCYD's PPD-R: Physiology- based Interval Training


 In Person Testing 

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