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Terms & Conditions

• You must have an entry for the marathon before joining (race entries are not included)
• Full amount payable in advance
• All fees are non-refundable
• A health questionnaire will be distributed after sign-up is complete

Perfect Pacing or its coaches, shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive or other damages arising from any use of this material.
I understand that training for a marathon with Perfect Pacing may be physically strenuous and I voluntarily participate with full knowledge that there is risk of personal injury.
I agree that neither I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Perfect Pacing or its members for any personal injury, damage/loss where malpractice or negligence of the company is not the cause of such loss.
I agree that exercise comes with risk, and I will not hold Perfect Pacing, its coaches, contractors or representative responsible for injuries sustained while training or racing.
I agree that I will disclose all medical conditions to the coaches via the health questionnaire prior to beginning the marathon plan and will keep them informed at all times if my health condition changes.
I accept that I am of good health, and I confirm that I have not been advised not to take part in group exercise.

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The content of all seminars and all materials (webinar documents, recordings that are made available, etc.) are the property of Perfect Pacing and are protected by copyright. Publication even if only in part, reproduction, distribution and editing are prohibited as is the recording of an event in audio or video or by means of screenshots. Legal proceedings may be initiated in the event of any misuse.

The Participant agrees to respect copyright and only use the live webinars / video courses individually for their own use under the terms of the contractual agreement.